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Maumelle Charter High School
900 Edgewood Drive
Maumelle, Arkansas 72113
Phone: 501-851-3333
Fax: 501-851-2599
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Academics Plus Charter School

Administration Office 

Main Number: 501-803-9730:

Fax Number: 501-803-9742:

Maumelle Charter Elementary School

Main Number: 501-803-0066

Fax Number: 501-803-9748



New Lunch Drop Off Procedures

Please go to front office first to receive a visitor badge.  You will hand deliver the lunch to your student in the cafeteria right before your child’s lunch starts.  If you are unable to do this, please put money into your child’s account to purchase a lunch.   *Food/Drinks can not be left unsupervised for the safety of our students.










6th to 8th Grade Supply Lists

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9th to 12th Grade Supply Lists

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Please Do Not Contact the Elementary Office with High School Queries

Your questions and concerns are very important to our staff. 

We have the following E-mail addresses to get your questions answered:

E-mail Contacts

Attendance, Locker Purchase, Procedures, General Questions E-mail:

Administrative Assistants: 

Natalie.Spoon@academicsplus.org or Pamela.Rivers@academicsplus.org


Middle School Schedule Change Questions E-mail

 (Note: Schedule Change Approval Criteria Based on Academic Requirements) 

6th-8th Grade Councselor:



High School Schedule Change Questions E-mail:

(Note: Schedule Change Approval Criteria Based on Academic Requirements)

10th-12th Grade Counselor:



Our Mission

To provide an academically rigorous college preparatory program for all students regardless of race, ethnic origins, national background, or socioeconomic level. All children can learn when challenged by big expectations. We believe that attitude, behavior, effort and attendance, as well as ability, determine academics success.




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